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Hello and welcome to The Kindred Collective.  My name is Ashley (aka Spooky) and the Kindred Collective is a little project I’ve created for 2013.  I’ve invited a dozen or so of my friends–artists, writers, photographers, poets, and general creative types, to play along with me. Each week, we’ll choose a theme and members of the Collective will gather and post pieces in response to the theme. Members can post as often as they like and there is only one rule–they must contribute an original work at least once a week.

The theme for Week One (January 1-7) is Foundations. I decided on this theme after chatting with a few members of the Collective about the books that shaped us growing up. It seems like the bottom is the best place to start, so I’d like to invite the members to introduce themselves, talk about their goals for the project, and share a few of the things their foundations are made from.

As for me, it’s almost four am and I’m sitting alone in my bedroom staring at this little plastic box. It’s something I bought today with this project in mind. So far, my main goal is to make at least one piece of mixed-media artwork a week: a collage, a scribble, a loose-leaf art journal page. I bought the box to store my pieces in. It has a nifty little lock, which is great for me because if I do decide to make something a little too personal, I’m comforted in knowing that I can lock it away (after I share it with a bevy of strangers on the internet; isn’t it weird how much easier is to brave online?).


So, there it is. The box. Foundation of my project. Empty right now, but I’m looking forward to filling it with photos and scribbles and warm, wonderful insights. Happy 2013 and welcome to the Kindred Collective.

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