House of Cards

Hi. Ashley here again. Last night I attended The Beggar’s Carnivale New Year’s Eve Ball in St. Louis.  It was a blast, of course, but something kind of interesting happened and I knew immediately that I needed to post it here.  I got my first ever tarot reading.  I sat down in this little blue and white tent and the tarot reader drew just three cards for me:  one that represents 2012, one for 2013, and a clarifier card that shows how the past and present cards work in conjunction.

the green man

The first card she drew, the one that represents my past, was The Green Man. In her deck, the Green Man is essentially The Fool, a person just starting out on a journey. She told me I’d spent most of 2012 planting seeds for things that would come to fruition over the next year.

the star

My 2013 card was The Star. As soon as she set it out on the table I was stoked because I know The Star is one of the best cards in the deck. The tarot reader told me that due to my efforts last year, all sorts of good things would come pouring into my life. She said not to go looking for my good fortune, instead I should let it come to me naturally. She also told me that as new people start to enter my life, I may have to say goodbye to the ones I don’t connect so well with anymore.

And, now, the clarifier card. Here is where things got a little freaky:

3 of wands

Three of Wands. Take a look at the heading on the top of that card. Foundation. How strange that the word that had popped into my brain the night before was now staring me right in the face. I must tell you that while I find the tarot fascinating, I’m not much of a believer. It’s all just for fun for me. Still, what are the odds? So, the tarot reader went on to tell me that this card meant more of the same. I had built a foundation, not a flimsy house of cards, but something solid and substantial. The rest would come easily. The weight is a gift.

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  1. Amazing! you may not be a “believer” but you’ve got the power, girl. this reading is awesome! and you’ve put in the hard work and focus to be the star. shine bright–like a diamond bird on a shooting vine! 🙂 xox

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