LT. Week One: Foundations


Take a petal from the middle

Pile it on top

Dust from a rose

Pads softly

Dug up under ground

Nuzzle into


Mountains out of molehills

Bricks out of blood

Mortared with binding scars

Relatable pain

Recognizable terror

Carpe Diem, Darling

New beginnings

Start up

Every day

Natural Matte-Finish

Foundation concealing

Powder pebbles

Cover the blemishes of mind

The dark circles of time

Hiding secrets

Crumbling past

Oozing sadness

Weeping creases







Dancing shoes

Scrape away the heel, that boney ridge, a weakness, raw

Stomp the floor, the ground, the earth

The stage

Shake the boards, rattle the plates, the


To the core


Slippery sweaty joints

The cats come out to swing and play

Crossing the line

To some other time

Beyond the foundation of the mind

If they could talk

What would they say?

The tremors of the earth

The crumbling, crashing rock?

The grounding purr of two cats

One found

One got

The centering space

Hunger for a new place

Foundations and friends

A support group

Circular rock

United by glitter and page

Webs of love and magic

And a literary Faery Queen


Three became four

The guys and the girls

This is my rock

This is my home

My place

This wreckage space

Rising sunshine

Falling walls

Avalanche of bloody stone

Belly of the earth

Tight and clenched

Breathing through volcano lungs

Burnt and croaking throat

Swollen glands

Oceans dry

Morph into rainbow sand

Full of potential

Ripe with decay

Everything is shifting shape


Out of time


Spinning ride

Reality can be a nauseating place

Books and dreams

Imaginary scenes

Crossing through insanity


And I don’t feel like me

I forget

I forget to write and let go

Not as brave as the others

I am messy and incomplete.

I am scattered and procrastinated.

The ground plan

The blue print

The rough sketch

Slipped from the surface of the desk

Fallen, long ago, behind the shelf

Dusty, forgotten

Waiting to be found

Roll me out,

Flat across the table

Start fresh

Fresh feeling

Pencil drawn

Errors meticulously erased so every mark is sharp and clear

Gather ye rosebuds

And let stabbing thorns fall away

Unclench the fist, letting go of petals crushed

Forgetting withered and ancient sorrow


Like an earthquake

Purge those hardened places



Wrapped in cotton

Smells like tar and hospital

Medicine could not heal those gaps

No cure for those cracks

In the foundation of his hand

Take a block from the bottom and put it on top

Build up


What has fallen off the kitchen table.


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4 responses to “LT. Week One: Foundations

  1. I love this. There are so many delicious lines in here that I want to bite into and savor. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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