Melanie.Kristy Foundations (1)

Hey! I’m Melanie. I’m a writer, a reader and a blogger ( I’m a future librarian, a collector of neat ideas and an adventurer aching to get out and adventure. I’ve been thinking a lot about what my foundation is, what I’ve been built on and there are a few things that come to mind. I was built on the hard earth of a sleepy farmers town, hidden in a world of cranberries and bike rides. My personality was shaped from imaginary friends, real life conspirers and a steady family. I’ve always been a believer in make believe, off beat when everyone else wanted to be in tune. Since 2nd grade when I was introduced to story writing and computers (with bright green words etched into a dark green computer screen) I’ve wanted to write. My biggest muses since then have been music, fiction and people.

When I think about foundation, however, my first thoughts stray toward roots and where you are and where you’re from and being stuck somewhere you don’t want to be, or settling deep inside the cracks of good enough and complacent and living there forever. So that’s what inspired this poem:

Don’t Settle

Sometimes I think
about growing roots
right there I stand
anchored to this flesh
of dirt and leaves

The vines expand
in every direction
the leaves grasp
at skin and bone
my toes ache
digging into frozen earth

It’s time to remember
this is where you built
But this isn’t your place
this isn’t your time
your space
your town

Exhale out through cracks
in heavy setting cement
Shake it up
Quake the ground
Startle roots
Move along

And rebuild elsewhere

* For some reason some things I am terrible at being on time at. Being part of this project is also an exercise on being accountable, because my blog is as sporadic as it can be and there are other aspects of my life that I somehow forget, put off or just pile into a big mess.


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2 responses to “Melanie.Kristy Foundations (1)

  1. Reblogged this on Melanie.Kristy and commented:

    I’m part of a new project called The Kindred Collective. Here’s my first post on this week’s theme Foundations.

  2. Great poem, and yes – I need to be held accountable as well!

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