New Year’s Shuffle

I have this weird little tradition that I started back in 2008. On New Year’s Day, I like to take a quiet moment and sit down with my iphone, hit shuffle, and take note of the first few songs that grace my ears each year. So, here is my own randomized New Year’s Mix for 2013:


And that’s also my first mixed-media piece of the year. What does it have to do with Foundations? Well, I think music is the foundations for most of my friendships. I’m a real music junkie and I actively seek out others that share my passion. We don’t even have to like the same kind of music (I married a metalhead, but honestly I’m not much of a headbanger, give me some Belle and Sebastian, please), but I can appreciate anyone’s musical obsessions. Make me a mixed tape and we’ll be bff’s for life.


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2 responses to “New Year’s Shuffle

  1. Ah! I really love this! I’m obsessed with making playlists, I make them for all my short stories and I have a massive one for my novel draft! I’m totally going to make you an Aus music mixtape.

  2. I’m a playlist junkie. I will be making this playlist for myself on Spotify. I’m psyched to put up a playlist of my own soon!

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