I Have a Feeling I’m Not the Only One…


{A week and a half in and I’m posting photos of myself in my underwear on the internet…what is this place?}



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5 responses to “I Have a Feeling I’m Not the Only One…

  1. i love this! and you aren’t the only one. i’m struggling so much right now (with everything), and my struggle is the reason i chose that word. let’s get back to being conscious of ourselves and our bodies but be conscious of how amazing they are, how we can move and love and dance and create in these bodies. instead of what other people might think. i feel like i need to get out of my head and yet be more in it at the same time. in two different ways.

  2. Def not alone, I cant wait until we have robot bodies! Hooray for heads in a jar, GRRR,,,,

    • Dude, Aleshia, when I saw you today I thought for sure you were going to tease me about putting half naked pics of myself on the Internet, but you didn’t, so I immediately thought “well, she obviously hasn’t seen it yet”. And I was right…

  3. This is perfect, and so moving. Great work 🙂

  4. Love this! I had a picture like this on my myspace (LOL I AM OLD) and loved it. Free yourself, girl!

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