jessa’s state of consciousness

This is what happens when I take a quick walk and leave my headphones indoors.


a memory from a past life, blended seamlessly into my present

winter in the garden of eden: a study in consciousness

gray concrete and sky

reflections of one another

heavy, cold

a raven sits on a wire

draped along a stark black tree

a caw like the blade of a serrated knife

whizzing through stones



bare branches ready to impale

the air antiseptic


heat down my throat

scald my vocal chords

tired of talking tired of

yelling tired of

having that chunk of apple rotting in my

goddamn stomach pulverized mint

steeped in boiling water

this is supposed to soothe my insides

that’s what god told me when he

put the curse in my body

the grass is

dead colorless world

winding road to the institution where we

all stand on the highest point and

peer over the fence craving cigarettes and

dreaming of freedom.




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2 responses to “jessa’s state of consciousness

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  2. Oh, the last lines are so perfect! I read them over and over and feel tiny chills every time.

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