Week 2; consciousness: The very notion to me seems a little vague….often in conversation, when this word is brought up, it’s sails take wind in the direction of the meta-physical, spirituality, imagination, and perceptions on how they apply to the real world… perceptions are often askew, and when pondering the subject, the lines between sub-, and consciousness become blurred even further… here is a piece I wrote on my perception of the subject, when battling a severe “Manic Attack”.

Awake…….am i awake?

is this actually happening, or did I make it up?
is my mind the cause of such morbid fixations?
is the world a bad place because I believe it to be so?

awake…..I am awake.
this is actually happening, I did not make it up.
my mind finds fixation upon the morbid.
the world is a bad place, and I accept that fact.

awake,,,,,,asleep… there a difference?
subconscious working just as hard as reality
lines begin to blur, words being to slur,
how can it be so dark in the middle of the day?

awake…….a state of mind…..
consciousness fighting the dreams that cloud my world
lines drawn stiff and straight, words emerge, but too late
the dark is somehow bright and blinding…….

awake…….am I too late?

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