[sic] theme song for sage: stop reading, start doing pushups

So, even though I’m a 32-year-old woman, my inner emo teen takes up a large amount of space inside my body. I still pay my bills, balance my checkbook and do all sorts of grown up shit, but some of the smartest advice I’ve ever heard is when I crank up some Alt Press-recommended screamo and stomp around like a frustrated, hormonal brat. One of my favorites is the song “Stop Reading, Start Doing Pushups” by Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (AKA DRUGS, AKA one of Craig Owens’s many awesome side projects). Sometimes, I doubt my talents and abilities, I try to remind myself that I am, in fact, an Adult and need to have Stability and Income and A Serious Career, but there is that insatiable need to create and write that will not dissipate. When I find myself needing a boost, remembering that my passion needs to be acknowledged and fulfilled, this song always fires me up. I used to listen to it a lot on walks home from the bus stop when I lived in a tiny town and had a roughly three hour commute home from work. I felt stuck and angry, begging to be heard, to feel inspired, to do something more with my life. This song made me say, fuck it. I’m going to write. I’m going to gut myself and smear it all on the page. So, listen. Slam. Scream. Create.


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  1. As I was saying before, I really resonated with your post 🙂 Too often I also doubt my abilities, but it’s by turning up the music and dancing my heart, mind and body out for 45 minutes every other day that I feel like I can really connect with whatever is both latent and painfully alive inside of me. Once I do that, the irritating voices of past professors and my multiple lives (student, intern, receptionist, adult, girlfriend, daughter, older sister) finally dissolve and I have access to what I can only call ‘the source.’

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