The Three Fates

Like Genevieve, the characters in my novel (and in my head) are speaking today. I ask Blackbird about the vision and finally, finally he tells me:

“In my dream, we’re sitting at a table with this scroll of paper, bright white, spread out in front if us. She’s at the other end with a red pencil, drawing. It’s a sort of map with lines and swirls and symbols that I don’t understand. And he’s beside me with a tool that looks like violet light caught in a tube of glass. He uses it to measure the scroll and I cut with a pair of shears, black with jagged teeth.”


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3 responses to “The Three Fates

  1. Seriously, you need to finish this book! I love this!

    • God, it’s driving me crazy. All I wanted was to make the Moirai part of the book, but, no. Apparently they ARE the book. Completely changes everything. Blackbird is full of surprises. He’s my sage. He knows it all.

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