For Sage

Still Alive

               Standing on slates of glistening rock

               She spills over as a waterfall of joy

               Deep into pools

               Awe and beauty move her forward

               She longs to run her fingers through the flow

               She slips

               Shocked by the icy-cold water

               She sees colour

               She sees happiness


               All of these things

               She cannot pronounce

               She closes her eyes

               Too much colour

               Too much light


               His hands lift her from the water and place her under the stars

               Galaxies and Milky Ways between her thighs

               Leaving trails of lightning in his eyes

               Back and forth

               Down and up

               Burning grains of light dance underneath her flesh

               He reaches in and up and out of her

               He digs deeper

               Into her quiet pools of pain

               Waves and waves of forbidden pleasure

               Hidden pain presses against the ropes of her neck and shoulders

               Warm hands soothe tightly gripped fear

               Fear of this love




               Full of so much pleasure so much love




               Holding it all in so much love

               He curls behind her wrapping her into his cavern of love

               She weeps

               She weeps


               As relief and relief and relief

               Wash wave over wave

               Over her over him

               And his breath over hers soothes her sleep into dreams



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