Your Ticket to Popularity

Your Ticket to Popularity

good manners



by | January 23, 2013 · 11:57 pm

7 responses to “Your Ticket to Popularity

  1. from an ettiquite handbook published in 1950.

  2. “unless she wants to bring out the wolf in her escort.” i’m sorry but they are just asking for the wolf to be brought out with that wording! especially if i was a teen reading this– *raised eyebrow* wolf, eh?

    lol, reminds me of Angela Carter.

    and what’s with the random permission to applaud for an encore?
    can Sally only applaud if Sam applauds? and so if Sam can’t dance Sally has to take the blame? for shame.

  3. hahahahaahahahaha! this is awesome! i love number 2. shutting eyes while slow-dancing sounds like a scandalous suggestion though. and WHA? “must sit out.” and i am ALL OVER number 5. hahaha! we all want the wolf to come out 🙂

    • “Oh, I’m sorry. It’s MY fault you’re a bad dancer. Lets sit this one out, but not in your car because I don’t need you trying to hump my leg.”

  4. Love it. Wolf doesn’t sound so bad 😉

  5. I believe the subtitle to this is: Rape Culture for Obedient Young Ladies.

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