live nude girls in charcoal.

So, these aren’t exactly new. These figure drawings are from a class I took over the summer, when my hands were begging for something new to do. I hadn’t taken a figure drawing class since my time at an art school in New York, where I took figure drawing for fashion design and illustration, and both times it was incredibly healing to examine the female form. At some point, I even got to play model (fully clothed; I’m not that brave). I’m getting the urge to draw again, but for now, these images will have to do.


This is my absolute favorite figure drawing piece ever. Graceful. Urgent yet restrained.


This one feels very fashion-y to me.


I adore this one. I think I spent about half the drawing time on the ass!


The first time I successfully drew a seated figure. Super proud of this one. The arch of her foot is everything.

It’s amazing to think that this is all the same woman. Perspective, time, and technique create different effects, pretty much like girls and women themselves. We are complex creatures.



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2 responses to “live nude girls in charcoal.

  1. Seeing this made me long for my high school art classes 🙂 Great work, the second one is def my favorite by far.

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