So much relies on a four letter word pluralized and stamped as a headline, a song titles, a tv show, a creative theme. What is a girl, anyway?

There’s the stereotypes, the images, the hair and boobs. There’s the princess tiaras, Lego sets and hello kitty band aids. It’s hard to write about girls and be all inclusive. Can I maintain some sort of feminist point of view while easily categorizing pink things into the subject of girls?

It’s all relative.

Every damn thing.

I hate that girls I know repost photos and text on Facebook that promote the degrading nature of women. But when I say women, do I mean girls?

Then there’s g.e.n.d.e.r. You can be part of the girls without any female reproductive organs, or born physically female and identify as not a girl.

When I asked Facebook what people thought of the term when they heard it, I didn’t get much response. But generally people were reminded of family or old memories and good times with friends, that it could be used derogatorily or a group of people who “get” you, get something. Get it. Girls get it. This group right here get’s it… that infamous it that can’t be described in a word or a explaination. It’s a line in a song that makes you remember something, the heartache that comes from memories and nostalgic, the knack for creative expression and a longing for something. It’s a feeling. That “it”. IT is a feeling. Girls get it. Girls are a feeling. Something we’ve put together in our minds that makes up what we are or could be or might be if we wanted to.

Or girls are none of these things. Whatever you decide. 

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