your manic pixie dream girl
is not
your manic pixie dream girl,
she is all her own
yeah she can bring you to life, alter your being
but she is not a genie
                                do you know how much energy you cost? she only has so much
to spend,
you can drain her if you are not careful
and it’s not true what they say, she doesn’t need
you to believe in her
she knows her power
and it is not up for grabs, she is not found treasure
she was never lost
she is just a human girl who never lost her sight
who never forgot her true origins
who who has always known we are made
of the same exploding nebulae as gold
the same pressure as diamonds the same force that is still
pushing the universe open–
                                            an eternal blooming of light.

* i wrote this for Francesca Lia Block’s 30 poems in 30 days challenge. the poems i wrote for the challenge were spontaneous and unedited, so to remain true to that, i did not alter this one, except in format.



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5 responses to “*MPDG

  1. i love it! wonderful….makes me think of a battery powered barbie being drained by a boy whos stolen his sisters toy to play hero. AWESOME!

    Also, I have never read Francesca Lia Block, but she seems to be great inspiration for many of the artists here, so i feel i must!

  2. i loved it then, i love it now… so lovely!!!!

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