So, I’m thinking about my ancestors this week, too.  Or maybe my lack thereof.  That’s my Grandpa Mitchell.  I’ve been wanting to add him into my deck since the beginning.  I thought of him during Foundations, and during Sage, but I never could figure out just what I wanted to say about him.  I’ll try.

Here are a few things I inherited from my grandfather:  my weird sense of humor, my love of photography, the way I blink way too much–deep blinks where I squint my whole face, and also the ability to rock a flannel shirt and bowler hat.  I never see much of myself in my Missouri family, perhaps because they are so close, but the other half of my family, my dad’s side, full of quirky, intelligent New Englanders, I totally get it.  But where did it all come from?

Here are a few things I know about my grandpa:  He was born in Canada to a 16 year old girl and then adopted by an American family in New Hampshire.  When he was 16, he crossed the border on his Indian motorcycle and went to track his birth mother down.  He found her, but she wouldn’t even come to the door.  I’ve heard he threw quite a fit, but she never spoke to him.  So, he went back home without any answers.  He was always curious about his heritage.  I don’t know if you can tell from the blurry photo but he looked Native American, as do his children.  About ten years ago, he had his DNA tested, hoping to dig up more answers, but the results were “inconclusive, with some Asian markers”.

He passed away last year without ever really getting those answers he was searching for.  So, it’s weird.  He must have wondered where he got his blinky eyes and weird sense of humor and ridiculous fashion sense, but he never knew.  But I look at these photos of him and at least I know where I got mine.  And I guess that’ll have to be enough for me.

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