What Is Ancient?

this came to me while I was in the shower, stretching and watching my legs disappear into green water that was filled with Lush’s Geophyzz and I wrote it during a word wars. My friend called it “intense” and my response was “I can never write something my parents can read”.

“What does Ancient mean?” Eve asked her first grade teacher. She heard the word one night from the lips of her mother who was whispering to her dad about some gray hairs between her legs. Ancient is how her mother felt.

Because Miss Honeyton believed in the thoughts and opinions of six and seven year olds, she asked the class, “What does ancient mean?”

Some kids said, “Dinosaurs” and some said, “Old enough to be forgotten” and Zachary Hitchens said, “It’s when your boobs sag and your skin wrinkles and you can’t see because you have catracks in your eyes and no one wants to hang out with you anymore like my nana Mildie.”

Finally Miss Honeyton said, “Ancient is old, but how old is up to the person who uses the word.”

So Eve imagined her mother as a petite small armed reptile who ate plants and ran from the T-Rex. She tried to imagine her mother as forgotten but that didn’t make much sense to her. When she tried to imagine her mother with wrinkles and blind, no image computed into her imagination. Eve decided to seek knowledge elsewhere.

She went to the library and read about the buildings that Rome was made of, she read about the gods in different countries. In time she read entire New Testament of the bible as well as suspected histories of the earth, the universe and lots about dinosaurs. As time passed Eve forgot why she asked the question or what anyone else’s answers were, but still the word haunted her.




Eve’s first tattoo was of the words “We are all ancient” in forest green ink that swirled down her side and curved toward her belly. She asked the tattoo artist what he thought ancient meant and he said, “Tattoos are ancient, dating back to tribal and primal times as signs of power and expression.”

One night while her boyfriend blind folded Eve and fucked her because that’s the way she came the hardest, he slapped her soft pale skin just beside the word “ancient” on her hip. Eve came so hard she saw light sparks beneath her eyelids, she screamed one long loud scream and she thought of a chapter she read in a book one time that said that ancient people believed that achieving orgasm was an act of divinity and an opportunity to communicate with God. It was that moment Eve knew she was ancient, we are all, because we date back to Adam and her namesake when pleasure over ruled divine word. And the fact that pleasure is what makes our bodies can reach a point of bliss where for a few moments nothing else but the wholeness, the vast everything, the lump in her throat as she struggled to catch her breath, exists.


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6 responses to “What Is Ancient?

  1. This is timeless, sexy, daring. I wish there were more of it 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Melanie.Kristy and commented:

    Flash fiction on the idea of ancient. I wrote it for The Kindred Collective a couple weeks ago.

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