Triple Goddess


I am the salt of the volcanic
ash earth
the first burst of light
from a virgin star
the breath between ocean
and atmosphere
born in three different places, all
at once
I am the mother of happenings
the caretaker of your
the queen of things
to come

I was split, like fruit
with baked flesh
like the plates of the
I was spit from the mouth
of the Motherland
sent to the convict
where the land used to rage
untamed, used to
sup from the molten
centre of an ancient

Now, I am looking for the
two thirds
a blonde and a brunette
I think
they’re hiding out in California
sipping fairy sugar from crystal
taking hearts and eating them
like apples
sucking secrets from the


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3 responses to “Triple Goddess

  1. I read this again and again. So exquisite, so tangible and full. A really extraordinary piece.

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