Week Seven: Time

“So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us

Time; it follows me down dark corridors and it keeps me awake as it moves on and on. I can hear it’s footsteps following close, echoing my own. The ghostly breath on the back of my neck as it whispers things I would rather forget. “I cannot be turned back,” it sneers, “You are getting older.”

Sometimes I wish that time was a tangible thing, that I could collect it with my hands, hold it and store it up in mason jars. Then I would hide them in the cellar and the attic and the cupboard under the stairs; nothing can steal too much of my precious time when I have so much of it saved up for a rainy day. Now I can do everything I’ve ever wanted.

What is your relationship with time? Are you taking it too quickly, or too slowly? Do you feel like it is getting away from you, that it has been let loose from the memories of endless summer afternoons? Or do you wish that you could fast forward, to the part in your life story where things start happening the way you’d hope they would?

Or! Would you just simply rather travel through it, skipping back and forth between eras that you have only ever dreamed of, and long so desperately to see?

Oh, I would want to see all of it, if I only had the time. 


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5 responses to “Week Seven: Time

  1. I love that you chose this theme, considering you’re from the future and all (TIME ZONE HUMOR, WHAAAT?).

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