Jennifer’s Week 6: ANCIENT

Jennifer's Week 6: ANCIENT

“goddess pose” sketch. A combination I think of all The Kindred Collective themes so far.

From an ancient 1912 edition of Science-History of the Universe Vol. IX Art and Letters:

“These engravings and decorations during the Paleolithic period stand at the foundation or beginning of all art…down to the end of the prehistoric period and beginning of the historic period, they never got beyond lines or dots, which combined made parallel lines, the chevron, the herringbone, the zig-zag and similar simple geometric designs. They all grew out of the same beginning and had the same origin. They had no occult meaning; they never stood for any great divinity or power, whether natural or supernatural; they were simply lines and dots arranged in ornamental form to gratify man’s innate sense of beauty and because he wished the things he possessed to be beauteous in his eyes. This period then is the genesis of art in world history, and in it can be traced successively in the development of the art idea–beginning with the desire for symmetry.”

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