Become Time

We are fragile beings suspended in moments
While we hurl foreword
Blink and its over
On to the next dreaded
Project day assignment task
When we wake up
We are here
Blinking rapidly
Unrecognizing where
Or how
It’s been ten years in a second

We are linear
Time travelers with our dials set to the future
But time goes in circles
I am will five years old
Making forts out of blankets
It is still February of last year
When heartbreak began

He is always breaking your heart
Even when he’s gone
Even before you knew him
In the loop of your life
He plays on repeat

I am dying in the future
Watching life
Feeling alive in these

We can’t move forward
Because we’re always spinning spinning
Dizzy, lost
Stay here
Grip the earth with determined fingertips
Become time
Become the moment
Suspend yourself
You are right now

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