The Anti Spring

The Anti Spring

Spring is not due for another 6 months
and I’m feeling upside down
for you the world is bursting out of a
snow laden dormancy
you are breaking free
like new shoots of milk young blades of
safe to bask in pools of
winter sun

And I
I am riding the cycle
on the downturn
all curled up and dried out by the heat
of this oppressive summer
where the fires raged so fast and
so far there are barely any leaves left
to fall
I am listening for that comforting crunch
the cool bite of a
kinder wind

I am in love with the
in between seasons
the turn of expecting earth
and the obscenely sweet smell
of decay
the swell of the new buds and
the fall of the
leaves in the park
the weakening of the sun
into patterns that seem
almost human

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