Turn it into something you <3

So, I have this obsession with Keri Smith. She’s like the goddess of creativity or something. I never would have started art journaling if it weren’t for her, so I owe at least 90% of my happiness to her. She just came out with an amazing new book called The Pocket Scavenger that I absolutely adore. So, with this book, it has a list of things to find (like any good scavenger hunt) and a place to put the item along with a place to tell its story. Like this note I found in the parking lot at work:

found note

Having a collection of found objects is cool to begin with, but it gets better. Along the bottom of every page of the book is an “alteration”–a prompt to help you turn your found object into something new. You’re supposed to flip the book over, open it to a random page, and follow the prompt. So, with my note, I picked an alteration that said, “Turn it into something you love”. What an excellent prompt! Take a piece of trash and turn it into something of value. So I started by making a list of some of the things I love. Silly things, even. One of the things I wrote down was “cardigan sweaters”. I started thinking about ways to turn this piece of paper into a tiny cardigan sweater, and then I thought “Why not make a paper doll?” because I have always loved paper dolls. So, I found a printable paper doll template and used the found note to make her a set of grungy clothes:

Cute, right? I just love the idea of that “alteration” so much. Turn it into something you love. It’s so simple and full of possibilities.

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