Cycle Two, Week One

Hello everyone!  Kindred Collective is back in session.   The cycle starts up again next week, but for this week we have a special guest host.

Going back to my very first theme here, Foundations, I have to say that Francesca Lia Block is sort of the foundation for this group.  I met about 90% of the Kindreds through her–most of us have taken one of her online writing classes.  She is the author of several books, including the Dangerous Angels series ( my personal favorite of hers is Echo or maybe her new one The Elementals).  Anyway, I emailed her earlier this week and asked if she’d like to provide the next  theme.  I just asked her to pick a word and give a quick explanation as to why she choose it.  Not only did she say yes, she gave me a few different choices.  At first I just picked one at random (or, rather, I had one of the Kindreds pick a number) but in the last few days I’ve changed my mind and I decided to go with the one that really intrigued me.

So, this week’s theme is:  Taxidermy.  Francesca told me she choose it because she had just been writing a story where one of the characters looked mounted and stuffed and it’s just so creepy.  I agree.  Taxidermy really freaks me out, so let’s do this.  I can’t wait to see what everyone creates.

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