the [sic] book of <3

“Our dreams have magic because we’ll always stay in love this way….”

Fellow Kindred Laura sent a wedding gift to Lover Man and me, which consisted of two things I love without restraint: tea and a journal. (Fitting, since Lover Man and I love each other freely, without boundaries or conditions.) The journal, she explained, is the Book of Love. I received the package on one of the most difficult days I have had at work; it served as a potent reminder that, when we truly honor what we love, even the worst days can be salvaged. This morning, while drinking some of the amazing tea (David’s Salted Caramel!) with almond milk and a sprinkling of raw sugar and listening to some good music (see above), I began to write in the book. First came the longing, the wish to be a better wife, one who is not so stressed and overwhelmed, one who can fully enjoy the beautiful gift of love. Then, the observation. The time to actually sit and take in his slumbering form, to feel the love that radiates from my husband even in sleep. Finally, the feeling. The deep, wild love that makes even the simplest moments divine.

while you were sleeping.

i laid my hand on your bare chest

the rise

the fall

you were breathing

and my own inhalations and exhalations


the little mark under your lower lip


at your gentle puff of breath.

you turn and settle in

the spider etched on your back

does its slow dance along your spine

i take your peace into my fingers

let it spread under my sun-poisoned skin

your love, a balm

a salve to soothe the places hands cannot touch.


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