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Theme: Blood, August 17th-23rd

This week’s theme: Blood.

It makes me think of:

– lineage

– blood is thicker than water

– family

– obligation

– violence

– Dexter

– crime scenes

– how blood can be wiped up and hidden, but the truth is always still lingering in ultraviolet light

– anger, “blood boiling”

– effort and how we pour our blood into things…

– blood from a stone

– blood money


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Genevieve’s Cycle Two, Week Ten: Untitled

Little viper is wide awake,
cataracts dripping blue milk.
They say she must be blind,
that silk under a hot iron
protests more than she ever will.

But what they can’t believe,
they can’t see. She is stretching
past all the places she never thought
she’d have to resign. She whittles
away at her body with words,
with an alphabet scattered
like marbles across the kitchen tiles.

Don’t ask where she’s gone,
don’t knock on the door.
She is here, coiled in the blue darkness
behind your own eyes. She
is a bright shadow writhing,
whispering a dialect
only spoken in dreams.

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Cycle Two, Week Eight: Sage

Soooo here we go, I know this is a bit of a cop out, but in my defense I did only write it a week ago. This is an excerpt from the collection of short stories/novel/novella maybe? I’m working on. Let me know what you think! (oh and LT, I did kind of steal the name of your other half btw :3 )

It has been calling out to us for eons, but I did not hear it on the night we checked in. The smell of the iron and the crack of the starlight across the ceiling of my room was enough to distract me from it; this curious, marvelous wasteland! I thought! Only humans would think to re create whole worlds, confine them to single rooms and plant them in the middle of the desert. And they were meant to be worlds of ours, too! It’s all a little kitsch really, but don’t get me wrong, I mean that as a compliment. The colour palate that they’ve used, in all the rooms, they’re just so deliciously vivid, most of the shades I do not recognise by name!

The Human Imagination! I’ll tell you what, you’ll never catch it apologizing for the shape and size of its desire; it’s the part of them that is the most like us, I think.

I chose my room to be this room, the Galaxy Room, because I liked the idea of living somewhere that is a little bit alien to all of us. M folk can move between the veils of all interconnected dimensions, manipulating chemistry, dissolving physics, but we are even further behind than H beans at conquering space travel. That’s what Rainbow Dash calls them, Human Beans. Clementine assigned her to the ‘Western Front’, but the Mechanical Animal machine they’ve got down there offended her so much she demanded to be removed. She’s living right next door to me now, in the Harijuku Room.

But anyway, what was I saying? Ah yes! Space Travel! Now that’s a thing I’d really like to sink my pointy pearly whites into. I want to get lost in the folds of that inky black cloak, the one you think is wrapped around the shoulders of your chosen God or Goddess. I want to bounce about from star to star, to follow the paths of the constellations! I’ve seen the maps of them, in a book I found in my night stand draw. I also found a small, oxblood leather bound tome, with the words HOLY BIBLE printed on the front in faded golden letters; I’m only two chapters into the ‘Old Testement’, and I have to say, I’m finding it a little repetitive. But the star maps! They are possibly some of the most beautiful maps I’ve ever seen! And I should know, because that’s what I used to do, back home.

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Cycle 2, Week 10: PRESSURE

I’ve chosen PRESSURE for our theme this week.

Some things explode, some things refine. We all feel it. Let’s talk about it.

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