It’s all just a little bit of history repeating…constantly.

I write this entry for “cycling”, still having not done a piece for last weeks theme, because I am COMPLETELY stumped on what I perceive a “grown up” to be, let alone how to represent it in some form of art. THIS is one of the many cycles in my life, and unfortunately it is one of the many more negative ones. This is my cycle: a simple introspective moment can send me off into a rather intense series of tangents, questioning everything about what makes me up as a being, doubting myself intensely, moving on with a new project, and forgetting the one that sent me on my path until something makes me deeply introspective again, and that swept over project adds to all the other ones that get’s me doubting myself all over again.

But I do have several other types of cycling ciphers, cylinders, and circles in my life to put into projects(…and soon I will finish last week’s theme too)…there are SEVERAL so it may take me a minute to get them finished, but if they come late, I’ll retroactively post them for convenience and continuity.

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