Art to soothe the fear and chaos: Nidaa Badwan in the New York Times


My free flowing painting today.

I came across this striking story yesterday in the New York Times about artist Nidaa Badwan and how she has created an artistic haven of sorts as a way of coping with the chaos surrounding her in Gaza. As I read about how she did this in part to cope with anxiety, I wanted to cry. Her work is absolutely gorgeous, brave and powerful in its defiance and honesty. I am in awe of how she has found a way to express the beauty within her even as she struggled with chaos. I hope this story inspires you and helps you find a way to deal with whatever pain and stress is in your life. Create a space that gives you comfort, joy and peace. As for me, it may not be much, but I did put a paintbrush to paper today and just let myself create without thought or fear of the outcome. I’ve decided to use it as a background for a mixed media collage. Bit by bit, layer by layer, we build and grow.

Sending love,


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