Seven Day Music Challenge, Day 1

Hi everyone. Some of us are participating in a seven day music challenge that Jilly brought to our attention. Basically, we’ll post a song each day and tell you what it means to us. Here is my Day One:

“This is fact, not fiction, for the first time in years…”

So, here’s something I never talk about (I hadn’t even told the rest of Kindred until today): I got married when I was eighteen. And divorced when I was twenty. I can’t possible go into all the hows and whys here, but basically I grew up in an environment where young marriage was normal and practically expected of me. When it ended, I was crushed, but more than anything embarrassed that I’d failed at something so publicly. It’s a small town, so everyone knew. I couldn’t go to the grocery store without someone asking me what happened.

The summer I got divorced I was invited to four weddings of other twenty years olds and I was so miserable and lonely because there was no one in my life who could relate. I mainly just stuck to my internet friends.

My favorite internet buddy Nancy sent me a mixtape with “A Movie Script Ending” on it and that was the first time I heard DCFC. That miserable summer, my new boyfriend Travis went away to college, but he left me with his Postal Service cd and I bought a couple DCFC albums of my own. I used to have this black Emily The Strange umbrella with kitty ears and I remember nothing about that time in my life except wedding after wedding and walking around in the rain with my umbrella and a walkman listening to DCFC in the rain. Which sounds incredibly emo, I know. But it helped.

Society should give up on this notion that your twenties are the best years of your lives. My twenties were shit, but Ben Gibbard got me through.
And my future second husband, Travis, of course. ❤

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