Seven Day Music Challenge, Day 3

This is the story of how I realized my friend Keenan was my bff. It was 2011. We were forced together by joint retali slavery. We got along so well at work that we decided perhaps we might fancy each other’s company outside the workplace. image

So, we go do that thing that all rural teenagers do (nevermind that I was pushing 30): drive around and play music for each other. Pass the aux cord back and forth. It’s an impromptu tandem mixtape.


After about three songs, I think I understand him. I put on “Here & Now” by Letters to Cleo.

And he just starts belting it out at the top of his lungs! He, a teenage boy from rural Missouri, already knew every word of that song! Even the really fast part, which I didn’t even know yet. He taught it to me!

So, yeah, that was it. Friendship sealed. He’s the best. The end.



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