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[sic] seven day song challenge, day seven: glass and patron

I know it’s taken me quite a while to get here…the demands of real life seem to get in the way of my creative endeavors.

(Maybe that’s my problem…prioritizing “real” life over creativity, the essential life force that gives my days dimension, texture, clarity. But I digress.)

In truth, I’ve been fortunate enough to have creative opportunities, but I’m still hungry.

Which brings me to FKA Twigs. Icon. Creative Goddess.

I love her entire body of work, but “Glass and Patron” is the song that I return to whenever I need energy.

“I wait all week for a moment’s break away from being told who I am…”

That’s the feeling. When I write. When I dance. When I sing. When I create.

The video is stunning, perfectly illustrating FKA Twigs’s many talents. A concept, fully realized from beginning to end.

Fashion. Dance. Song. Life. It’s all here. It’s everything I love in a short clip. A fitting end to this journey.

Go forth and create, create, create!


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