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Week 13…. <3

kozak hearts montreal

This week I’m choosing a symbol, because this one shape is universal and has many meanings/words that can be associated with it. For example, courage, solitued, pulsate, life, give, change, vulnerable. The actual symbol is that of a heart. I started a project for myself three years ago that became something I carry on to this day and have been evolving and would love to ask you to partake in a few extra little details for this week. 1. Make a <3, or two or three and give away one of them (either to a person, or hang it some where in public, or take a photo and send it to people that remind you of it, or any other action the enacts a sharing. 2. In your writting you can substitute the ❤ where ever the word may apply or reign in connection to whatever you associate with it, but of course that is optional and I thought it might be interesting to see what we all get from/interpret within each others piece.

I hope this is okay with all of you, can’t wait to see it spread.

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by | April 2, 2013 · 12:31 am


Short and sweet – this is my little poem for this week………………………..


There is this smell in the wind that winds my mind to days spent by the ocean, the memories of sand, the ocean, the sun

energy rushing through my cells into one cotemplative, complete euphoria. 

There is this look in the eyes of my furry little friends that holds time still. Inner dialogue dancing in the music of a purr, an embrace of a touch.

When i look towards you, look for you, look with you, these quiet explosions in the sky, stardust dance in the mirror of one another.  Made of this we are.  This is all we are.


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I’m listening to a band I love while reading the kindred Post and i just noticed the titles of the song could be worked into a writting piece….so here is just a little something from the works of Explosion in the Sky


The birth and the death of day ….welcome, ghosts it’s natural to be afraid 
What do you go home to?  Catastrophe and the cure?
So long, lonesome
The Only Monent We Were Alone , six days at the bottom of the ocean

Memorial – Your Hand In Mine 

Our Last Days As Children
An Ugly Fact Of Life 

Inside It All Feels The Same – Lonely Train – The Sky Above, The Field Below 
A Slow Dance -Snow And Lights -Magic Hours 
Look Into The Air
Glittering Blackness 

Time Stops
Remember me

Greet Death

Tell the Truth

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by | March 26, 2013 · 9:44 pm

From Dead Poets Society by Walt Whitman – Macabre week

‘ I close my eyes and this image floats beside me, a sweaty toothed madman with a stare that pounds my brain.

His hands reach out and choke me and all the while he’s mumbling, mubling truth. Truth is like a blanket that always leaves your feet cold.

No matter how much you push it, shove it, stretch it, it’ll never be Enough

You kick at it, beat it – It’ll never cover any of us.

From the moment we enter crying to the moment we leave dying, It’ll only cover your face as you wail and cry and scream for help!’

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Perfect day I cannot forget
cracked skin, dried lake
side by side one last time
my heart you made ache
shadows loved, shadows buried deep inside now between these holes so deep water, mud, new I make
thurst quench
thurst fill this dried lake

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by | February 25, 2013 · 10:45 pm


Can you paint me a picture
an endless picture, where time and space do not exist
wind it around me where I stand still

tightly, tighter, tight –tigh –ti – t –

Can you picture me a painting
stare at it endlessly, like a slow dance wrapping itself around you where you stand still
Sending us both to sleep in its coccon
Sending us both to wake

a wake

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by | February 5, 2013 · 9:04 am