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Week 15: After Life

I had worked on write-ups for themes. Cyborgs. Candy. Fandom. But I didn’t necessarily like any of them. This is the one that kept lurking over my shoulder–I tried to ignore it. I thought: I’ve got these other ones more polished. I thought: but what about Boston? I thought: why are you always going to the dark places? But Death has been following me and mine lately, what with surgeries and hospitals and actual funerals. I keep having to look him in the eye–for me, Death is this man I used to know once upon a time. And Death necessarily makes me think about the After Life.

Feel free to interpret it how you might. After Life kinda reminded me of the half life of isotopes, which reminded me of radiocarbon dating, which got me to thinking about time. I liked how After Life can be applied to timelines. The poetic implication of a life lived in the aftermath. Plus, I especially enjoy the connotation of haunting as well. And I get really happy when concepts like haunting can be stretched out and redefined.


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