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Aidan Week 6 – Ancient

Form has not varied much from generation to generation, no matter which medium we use. This is my homage to my ancient brethren leaving their mark in caves for us to discover. They didn’t know we’d see what they did, and 99% of their work has vanished in transit, but I wish to fill in some of the mystery.


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Talking Heads – Wild Wild Life


by | February 4, 2013 · 10:33 pm

Aidan’s Second Wild Entry – Week 5

Wild is embracing that which surprises us and moving on with our lives as though it were a normal occurrence; we realize that the probability of a certain event to occur at a specific time is astronomical, regardless of how mundane the event may be.

For example, commencing putting on socks at 7:32:25 AM and finishing at 7:32:48 AM does not happen every day. In fact, it probably won’t happen more than once or twice in your entire lifetime, if that.

But are we intimidated by that fact? Maybe a few of us, the superstitious ones, but the vast majority doesn’t think twice about it.

That is how we must embrace the wildness within us. Opportunities present themselves, and we either take them or leave them. There is no right or wrong; we just have to move on from our decision (or lack thereof) and be ready for the next opportunity.

Everything occurs randomly when you place it on the vast cosmic calendar. The fact that we each exist at this very moment in history to collaborate with one another and contribute to the greater collective consciousness is an enormous miracle and completely unique to the timeline of our universe.

Or is it? Damn, that’s wild.

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Harnessing the Wild

This is quite an appropriate week for my first entry. I like to pretend I have control over my life and the various situations I inhabit, but I really live in a world of unknowns.

Thus, I exhibit my wildness in my most controlled creations. I must let go and let my inspiration stream through me, and I’m comfortable with my connection to whatever greater consciousness may reside within this plane (God, Universal Conscience, Mother Earth, Cap’n Crunch, etc.).




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