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“take a walk on the wild side of life!”

Oh man, I love Girls Aloud, the British pop phenomenon girl group that has created some brilliant music over the years. I love girl groups; these girls aren’t famous in America, but I don’t think that’s their goal. The Saturdays are fun, but they don’t have anything on my girls! This is their comeback/reunion single after a three-year hiatus, called Something New, and it really does get me going. I think there is power in being a strong woman who can command an audience, and these girls beat out a boy band on British show Popstars: The Rivals and have made amazing careers for themselves outside of the band.

Speaking of wild and girl groups, no one can tell me that the Destiny’s Child reunion at the Superbowl was anything but brilliant. Think about this: a huge sporting event shown around the world had all African-American female performers (Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child). You want to talk power? Strong women of color commanding a global audience is the height of power. Even Beyoncé’s band was all female! So yes, I went wild when I watched it, and I’ll be jamming to this for at least a week:

Who run this mutha?


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[sic] theme: girls.

Girls. Women. Ladies. Witches, bitches, brujas, pendejas. Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Supergirl, Powerpuff Girls. Girly shows, drag queens, burlesque. Madonna, Lady Gaga, Lita Ford, Taylor Swift, Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, virgin/whore. A brilliant mix of everything. Sugar, spice, everything nice, with a splash of absinthe. Princesses, prima donnas, sluts, prudes. Mommy, Amazon warrior, breadwinner, housewife. Fat bottom girl, skinny little bitch. Baby makers, birth controllers. We are so many things, or at least we are expected to be. Growing up in a household full of women, where men and boys were guests but never the main attraction, I am fascinated by the perceptions of women in society. My sisters’ birthdays are this week, so of course I have the girls and women that have shaped my life on the brain. Give it to me, members of the Collective! What do women mean to you? Who are the girls in your life? Give me stories of your inner children, mommyhood, bridezillas (talk about stereotypes!). Talk to me about the vagina, menstruation, sex, oppression, freedom, breast-feeding, girls’ night out–or in. Whatever the word “girls” sparks to you, bring it! (Even, yes, the show, which I will be discussing later in the week.) This goes for you too, dear reader. Comment, debate, let’s get this rolling.

Do you think I would leave you without some inspiration music? As if! This is for my sisters, two awesome, classy broads, and my niece, the coolest 11-year-old on the planet. They are truly my best girls.


who run the world? you already know.

Listen here: Kindred Collective: Girls



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