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The Kitchen Witch

There are many types of witches, some get the best returns for the energy they expel through ritual, casting spells, setting charms, and calling the corners. Other witches find their energy is best spent on the mental/spiritual realm through meditation, and astral projection. Still yet other witches find they draw the most power from nature, and so use botany to create living vessels of will and energy…….and then there’s the kitchen witch. The Kitchen witch really puts a new spin on “you are what you eat” when preparing a meal, by pouring energy and intent in with each and every ingredient added in the recipe. While the witch may add enchanting ingredients from the harvest of another witch(or even their own…there is no rule saying you can only be good at one kind, you know), or charm the dishes, or cook the meal for a ritual for an added boost, the kitchen witch does the real magic with preparation. Finely slice this, chunk that, simmer this over here, broil this down there….these are the rituals of the kitchen witch, focusing energy on the preparation, and keeping one intent in mind. Once the meal is prepared, and served the kitchen witch relishes in the work accomplished, watching as others partake in the food and drink prepared. Those partaking in the meal of a kitchen witch are sure to feel the intent cast unto the dish and drink. From happy, to loved, to tired, to ill….the dishes cooked are always with purpose.Image

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Genevieve’s Week Two: Alhambra


To the red one I know so well.
To the one whose petals have,
until now, only unfurled in my
dreams, in a space I could not
touch for fear of being taken;

You live in a city full with flowers
and fountains, a place where snakes
teach laughing women what it means
to dance. Yours is a hunger
that has forgotten shame. Yours
is a mirror that cannot reflect.

My body is a flame licked into bold fire.
My dress is stitched together from the
frayed petals of blushing dogwood roses.
When I spin, the world spins with me.
Alhambra, my red one, together we sing,
sing, sing, and watch my spine uncoil.

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