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Herbs and Flowers

“Sage tea is a fine tonic and was considered to prolong life, increase wisdom and strengthen memory. Its is useful in dispelling colds and coughs, especially if also placed into a bowl of hot water and used as a steam bath. It is a disinfectant and makes an excellent mouthwash or gargle, and can be used to cleanse wounds. Sage tea was reputed to be useful in cases of typhoid, kidney and liver complaints, haermorrage from the lungs or stomach, measles, pain in the joints, lethargy and a whole range of other ill including curing the bites of serpents! A strong infusion is said to darken the hair.” – Kate West, The Real Witches Garden

A garden is the safest place
for a woman
they say
I wrap my body
into the curl of a snake
and say nothing
I think of all the ways
I could kill them with
herbs and
and smile


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Sage Wisdom From Alice


Another week down the rabbit hole. I realized yesterday what this project is for me. Each week I’m creating a 5 by 7 piece of art, but what I’m really making, in the long run, is my own personal tarot deck. Fifty-two pieces of me.


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