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I’m a little late with my Rebirth posting. It just took me a little while longer than I thought. At the beginning of the year, I was feeling pretty burnt out with writing. I wanted to start painting again, or maybe start teaching painting classes again. And while I was researching new painting techniques and trying to decide if I should invest in some new equipment, I got a new novel idea and started writing again. That’s how it goes with me. All or nothing.  I have a bunch of chapters written, and I’ve been painting, too.  I’m trying this “Intutive Painting” thing. If I understand it correctly, you are supposed to make a really lush, busy background, then add your subject on top, painting around it so that your background shows through. So, here’s my first intutive painting:


Miles, my new main character would probably say something about how lotuses symbolize rebirth. “Because they grow out of the mud, or whatever.”  He’s eloquent like that.

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