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Girl Type Thing


I’ve been thinking a lot this week about those quizzes they put in teen magazines:  “What Type of [ girlfriend, flirt, kisser, whatever] Are You?”  Like everyone can be so neatly categorized into five types.  And why do we need those labels, anyway?  Even as adults, we still seek them out, looking for kindreds.  Yes, I’m artsy.  Yes, I’m an introvert.  I’m a vegetarian, but not a vegan.  I say I’m a nerd, but I’ve never seen Star Wars.  I like Manic Pixie Dream Girls, but really I’m way too responsible to be one of those.  And, speaking of responsible, am I an adult?  At what point do I need to stop reading YA and start wearing clothes from somewhere other than the Junior’s section?

It’s this kind of thinking that really limits us.  What Type of Girl Am I?  None of the above.



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