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Cycle 2, Week 2: Unfold


A few years ago when I first started painting again, I came across a journal page with this quote and it’s always stuck with me (though all this time I thought it was Rumi, not Rilke).  I think about it so much, unfolding.  I feel so closed up all the time, never loose enough, never the full version of myself. How do I become brave and true?

So, this week’s theme is Unfold.  At the end of the week I’ll be out of my natural habitat, and into a strange one.  I’m headed to Bonnaroo.  Though I’ve been there before, every music festival is a unique experience and a test of my limits.  Note to self:  have fun.  do not stay folded.

I hope we all do something brave this week.  We need to unfold.

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