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[sic] playlist: run.


When I run, I like having a rhythm, a story. I love running to each one of these songs because of their beats. They encourage me to push myself past limitations. I love them because of their lyrics. Finding freedom, owning pain, embracing love. Run Boy Run was added at the suggestion of Laura, and it is such a perfect fit. I cannot wait to start running again so I can run to this song through tree-lined streets, humidity clinging to me like a fine silk dress. Snow Patrol is a perfect cool down. Emotional, triumphant. Gulp air, let the cool water rush down your throat, feel the delicious soreness. You are a warrior.

I hope that next time you find yourself pounding the pavement, you listen to these songs and feel free.


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[sic] theme for week 5: run.

Running is something that has been on my mind for a long time now. I love to run, revel in the feeling of sweat and utter exhaustion. Thanks to a heel injury, I’m out of the running game for a little while, and it sucks. I crave it. I just started running again after being sick for a while, and boom! another roadblock. I have to take the time to get better so I can run the right way, but I’m so frustrated!

There’s more to running than just the physical act itself. There’s an emotional cleansing that happens every time I get my body moving, and I miss it so much. The will to move, to challenge my lungs, muscles, joints, brain. In the midst of so much transition, what I want to do most is just get the fuck out and run for a while, and I can’t. When I run, the ideas flow, words and stories crowd my mind. I am totally at home. I need movement.

There’s also the urge to run away from the responsibilities of adult life, just get on a train/bus/ferry/plane with Lover Man and be free, just the two of us for a little while. He could paint, I could write. My feet will stop aching, his hands will be unburdened by the weight of heavy labor and work instead at creating something wonderful.

So, where do you want to go, Kindred spirits? Are you running from something, or are you running towards something better? Let’s run together, clear our heads, and find something beautiful.


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