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Cycle Two, Week Eight: Sage

Soooo here we go, I know this is a bit of a cop out, but in my defense I did only write it a week ago. This is an excerpt from the collection of short stories/novel/novella maybe? I’m working on. Let me know what you think! (oh and LT, I did kind of steal the name of your other half btw :3 )

It has been calling out to us for eons, but I did not hear it on the night we checked in. The smell of the iron and the crack of the starlight across the ceiling of my room was enough to distract me from it; this curious, marvelous wasteland! I thought! Only humans would think to re create whole worlds, confine them to single rooms and plant them in the middle of the desert. And they were meant to be worlds of ours, too! It’s all a little kitsch really, but don’t get me wrong, I mean that as a compliment. The colour palate that they’ve used, in all the rooms, they’re just so deliciously vivid, most of the shades I do not recognise by name!

The Human Imagination! I’ll tell you what, you’ll never catch it apologizing for the shape and size of its desire; it’s the part of them that is the most like us, I think.

I chose my room to be this room, the Galaxy Room, because I liked the idea of living somewhere that is a little bit alien to all of us. M folk can move between the veils of all interconnected dimensions, manipulating chemistry, dissolving physics, but we are even further behind than H beans at conquering space travel. That’s what Rainbow Dash calls them, Human Beans. Clementine assigned her to the ‘Western Front’, but the Mechanical Animal machine they’ve got down there offended her so much she demanded to be removed. She’s living right next door to me now, in the Harijuku Room.

But anyway, what was I saying? Ah yes! Space Travel! Now that’s a thing I’d really like to sink my pointy pearly whites into. I want to get lost in the folds of that inky black cloak, the one you think is wrapped around the shoulders of your chosen God or Goddess. I want to bounce about from star to star, to follow the paths of the constellations! I’ve seen the maps of them, in a book I found in my night stand draw. I also found a small, oxblood leather bound tome, with the words HOLY BIBLE printed on the front in faded golden letters; I’m only two chapters into the ‘Old Testement’, and I have to say, I’m finding it a little repetitive. But the star maps! They are possibly some of the most beautiful maps I’ve ever seen! And I should know, because that’s what I used to do, back home.

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The Dangling Conversation.

It is remarkably silly that I suggested last week’s theme, sage, and am only responding to it now, a day overdue. It turns out that the biggest reason I chose that word – that it is full of possibilities – is what has held me back most of all. There is just so much to write about! When I think of sage, I consider my mother’s home in the high deserts of New Mexico, my favorite pizza at the place where Dylan and Baez used to sing together, my first year of college when a friend used a smudge stick in her room – something I should have done that year, even though the green linoleum and cinder blocks had made everything seem all the more hopeless. The word came to me as I was trying to think of ways to purify and detox different aspects of my life – the way I eat, naturally, but also in my habits as a writer, as a student, as a sometimes insomniac, and as a grown-up (a title I will have to live up to one of these days).

In an effort to home in on an aspect of sage that inspired me to share something here, I looked up the healing properties of the herb. A homeopath might recommend it for any number of my chronic physical complaints, but what struck me most of all was what it can do for the mind. It is an anti-depressant, it eases the pain of grief, it calms a hyperactive mind. And it’s used in all different ways to heal wounds, physical or emotional – as a tincture to be taken, a scent to be drawn in with a deep breath, and as a salve spread on a burn.

In my life what I have used most to calm my mind is music, and these days the music that works the best feels like a salve. I love music that washes over you, tingles, massages the scalp in slow ripples. A friend told me not long ago that my taste in music is too slow, boring. And, barring the fact that he ignored my penchant for 60s pop and anything good for dancing like a fool, I can almost see where he’s coming from. But he doesn’t need to be entranced in a beautiful sound that is almost as natural is nighttime rain on a window, or lyrics that are as musical as the instruments that accompany them. When I need to be calmed I listen to Andrew Bird and get lost in his labyrinthine words, or I listen to Nico and imagine the shadows of the clouds over the heathered hills of Tralee.

When I lived in France, I came home from a long trip to Scotland and felt broken. That’s how homesick I was. And I felt so helpless, and no matter how anxious and sad and useless I made myself, I couldn’t bring myself to sleep. Until I listened to Simon and Garfunkel.

When I listened to them at first I was brought back to those nights when I was 13 and just started slacking off in school, almost always feeling like my mind could be read. The anxiety that I put myself through then so that I would have more time to – not do homework, at any rate. I drove myself crazy, afraid that I would be found out, as a liar and a constant daydreamer, all the while listening to what is still my favorite of their albums, “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.” The effect of songs like, “For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her” was the same as what I look for now when I have a glass of wine and stare into the fire after dinner. It washed away the gadflies of the day, and propelled my daydreams upward with a buzzing hopeful feeling – all mental flight.

That blanket of a Lyonnais January, unseasonably cold and grey and sparse, was sometimes hard to endure, but that loneliness and uselessness was salved by a healthy dose of acoustic guitar and hushed harmony. And from listening to Simon and Garfunkel I progressed to watching Woody Allen movies, laughing, pining for New York if you can believe it, and from there I could start to plan my next adventures – Ireland, and home. School, and the writing that I had ignored that whole year.

And so this week when I think of sage it is only natural that I think of Simon and Garfunkel. And I leave you with what I still think is one of the loveliest songs ever written.


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Diviner’s Sage

Advanced Sonic Cleansing guaranteed to transform:
                                                                             see the invisible
                                                                             feel the untouchable
                                                                             say the unspeakable
Listen to what your demons have to say to you.

blow it out.
Make them disappear.Image



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How to Make Smudge Sticks

I found this on YouTube since so many of us have mentioned smudging this week.

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Week 03, Sage: When you have the moon on your leg, the stars are your cartography

ImageFor B, because he’s the sage in my life

You gave me a son with the moon on his leg,

that way he’ll never be lost

and the stars will be his cartography.

You gave me a son with the moon on his leg,

because we were already on a galactic voyage

and you wanted me to remember home.

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[sic] recipe: vegetarian sausage and black bean quesadilla


Okay, so I tried thinking of a bunch of things to do for this week, and I kept hitting brick walls. The playlist I made just didn’t excite me and everything I started to write felt bland. Then, while getting ready to make dinner yesterday, Ashley suggested I find a way to add sage to the recipe. It just so happens I have ground sage in my cabinet, et voila! My black beans took on a meatier taste and texture that complemented my vegetarian sausage! Some sage (heh) wisdom: seek advice from your friends, revel in collaboration, and see every day as an opportunity to create art. Without further ado:

Vegetarian sausage and black bean quesadilla

2-3 oz Gimme Lean vegetarian sausage

1/4 cup canned black beans (I love Goya, my mom’s been using them in the kitchen forever, and they have a great texture), drained and rinsed

1/4 cup chopped onions and peppers (I was pressed for time and used a bagged mix, but if you have time, use fresh)

2 slices muenster cheese

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp sage

1/2 tsp ground rosemary

1 small tortilla (I used Pepito whole wheat tortilla)

salt and pepper to taste

First, take the ground sausage protein and make a patty. Fry it up with a drizzle of olive oil in a pan. Next, sauté the chopped veggies until softened. I like having a little bit of bite to my veggies. When the veggies are just about where you want them to be, add the beans and the seasonings and cook until the beans are heated through. Then, assemble your quesadilla: Put one slice of muenster on either side of the tortilla. Cut the browned sausage patty in half and arrange on one side of the tortilla. Top with veggie-and-bean mixture. Slap the other side of the tortilla over so you have a nice little half moon. Now, you can cook your tortilla under the broiler if you want a fast, very crispy tortilla, in a toaster oven, or a portable Panini press or grill.

Final step: NOM NOM NOM!





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Herbs and Flowers

“Sage tea is a fine tonic and was considered to prolong life, increase wisdom and strengthen memory. Its is useful in dispelling colds and coughs, especially if also placed into a bowl of hot water and used as a steam bath. It is a disinfectant and makes an excellent mouthwash or gargle, and can be used to cleanse wounds. Sage tea was reputed to be useful in cases of typhoid, kidney and liver complaints, haermorrage from the lungs or stomach, measles, pain in the joints, lethargy and a whole range of other ill including curing the bites of serpents! A strong infusion is said to darken the hair.” – Kate West, The Real Witches Garden

A garden is the safest place
for a woman
they say
I wrap my body
into the curl of a snake
and say nothing
I think of all the ways
I could kill them with
herbs and
and smile


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For Sage

Still Alive

               Standing on slates of glistening rock

               She spills over as a waterfall of joy

               Deep into pools

               Awe and beauty move her forward

               She longs to run her fingers through the flow

               She slips

               Shocked by the icy-cold water

               She sees colour

               She sees happiness


               All of these things

               She cannot pronounce

               She closes her eyes

               Too much colour

               Too much light


               His hands lift her from the water and place her under the stars

               Galaxies and Milky Ways between her thighs

               Leaving trails of lightning in his eyes

               Back and forth

               Down and up

               Burning grains of light dance underneath her flesh

               He reaches in and up and out of her

               He digs deeper

               Into her quiet pools of pain

               Waves and waves of forbidden pleasure

               Hidden pain presses against the ropes of her neck and shoulders

               Warm hands soothe tightly gripped fear

               Fear of this love




               Full of so much pleasure so much love




               Holding it all in so much love

               He curls behind her wrapping her into his cavern of love

               She weeps

               She weeps


               As relief and relief and relief

               Wash wave over wave

               Over her over him

               And his breath over hers soothes her sleep into dreams


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in my mind sage is
burnt green smoke
like ashes of your past
wisps of ghosts
Sage is a forest pixie
who knows your memories
and cleanses them
for the price of nightmares
detox for the air
like you cut out sugar
and eat kale instead
burn, consume, repeat

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Sage Wisdom From Alice


Another week down the rabbit hole. I realized yesterday what this project is for me. Each week I’m creating a 5 by 7 piece of art, but what I’m really making, in the long run, is my own personal tarot deck. Fifty-two pieces of me.


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