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And the third theme of 2014 is…GROWN(-)UP.

I’ve been keeping a deck of tarot cards on my bedside table (Aleister Crowley’s Thoth deck, for anyone interested in knowing).  It’s been a source of inspiration sometimes, as well as a starting point for much-needed introspection for me.  Also, oddly enough, it makes me take the time to pray.

I haven’t been a prayerful person in years, and I’m still trying to work out what prayers are and whom they serve, but it has always been my habit to say some sort of prayer before drawing a card, doing a reading, consulting someone (or something, in this case) for better perspective.  It all started when I bought my first deck of tarot cards.  I was in middle school, I think, and my mother took me to Seven Stars (back when it was in Harvard Square).  After poring over many beautiful decks I chose one that was painted in watercolors, big fat lines and blurred edges.  I had three favorites: the Star (a naked woman in a lake, surrounded in varying shades of black and green), the Six of Cups (two chubby-legged children playing with the fairies and rainbows that spilled from golden chalices), and Death (partly because I felt badass to know it wasn’t a negative message, partly because it was a skeleton with a butterfly floating from its pelvis).

In the car, my mother reminded me to put on my seat belt, then asked me to promise her that I would always take a moment to say a prayer before a reading, for the benefit of the seeker, of myself.  In deference to God or some other higher power as I dabbled in esotericism.  I took this tarot thing very seriously, and I always said a prayer.  Something solemn but perfunctory.  God, let this go well.  Or, God, I don’t mean to offend.  Something like that.

The other night I asked the air for advice, for insight, before drawing three cards to see what I needed to know at this stage in my life.

Tonight I held the deck to my heart and thought of all my fellow Kindreds, some whom I know quite well by now and others whose expressions in this project give me a better understanding of who they are and how they work.  I wished for you, specific wishes and vague, but always concentrating on you.  I drew this card:


I had never seen the Six of Cups reversed before!  Upon reading some more about what this means, I learned this card can suggest that one is clinging to one’s past in such a way that you inhibit yourself from experiencing the present and moving into your future.

This particular guide said something that really stood out to me:

“The Six of Cups is a card of nostalgia, childlike love and generosity, and a carefree, naïve outlook on life. Reversed, it suggests that you may have had unrealistically rosy ideas about a particular stage of life, based on your dreams and ideals from when you were younger. For example, you may have always pictured yourself as married with children by 25, only to realise that once you hit 25, you had other goals in mind. Or you may be disappointed that you have reached a particular age but have not fulfilled your childhood dreams just yet.”

When I said it stood out, I mean it sang to me.  I keep making fun of the idea that, at age 30, I’m still not an adult.  My expectations of myself as a child were so huge that I may never be an adult.  And the more I complain about this, the more I realize that most people feel this way, at one time or another. But it’s not that we’re all living in the past, and it’s not that we haven’t matured (do you see how my tarot prayers and uses have changed?) – we just aren’t living the lives we expected.  And frankly, who does?

So I ask you all kinds of things: are you living up to your own expectations? What have you wanted for yourself?  Has that changed over time?  Do you feel like you’re moving forward?  How might you be holding yourself back?  And if you’d rather this weren’t so introspective, tell me this: what is a grown-up?  Who are your favorite grown-ups?  Make one up for me.

I say this as a person who just bought a Little Prince sweatshirt, as a person who just caught up with her best friend from elementary school (over drinks!), as a 30-year-old who lives with her father, as the girl who first stood up for herself because she wanted to be Peter Pan in the school play, as the college dropout who is taking an acting class simply because it is impractical.  But also as the woman who just bought a juicer, as the woman who is trying to commit more to yoga…

That’s actually all the adult stuff I’ve been up to of late, but you get the idea.  But good luck!  And let this go well.

Jess Mullen

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Number 13


I felt like my deck might need some Death. And, for the hell of it, here are all the Death cards from my tarot collection:


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Sage Wisdom From Alice


Another week down the rabbit hole. I realized yesterday what this project is for me. Each week I’m creating a 5 by 7 piece of art, but what I’m really making, in the long run, is my own personal tarot deck. Fifty-two pieces of me.


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House of Cards

Hi. Ashley here again. Last night I attended The Beggar’s Carnivale New Year’s Eve Ball in St. Louis.  It was a blast, of course, but something kind of interesting happened and I knew immediately that I needed to post it here.  I got my first ever tarot reading.  I sat down in this little blue and white tent and the tarot reader drew just three cards for me:  one that represents 2012, one for 2013, and a clarifier card that shows how the past and present cards work in conjunction.

the green man

The first card she drew, the one that represents my past, was The Green Man. In her deck, the Green Man is essentially The Fool, a person just starting out on a journey. She told me I’d spent most of 2012 planting seeds for things that would come to fruition over the next year.

the star

My 2013 card was The Star. As soon as she set it out on the table I was stoked because I know The Star is one of the best cards in the deck. The tarot reader told me that due to my efforts last year, all sorts of good things would come pouring into my life. She said not to go looking for my good fortune, instead I should let it come to me naturally. She also told me that as new people start to enter my life, I may have to say goodbye to the ones I don’t connect so well with anymore.

And, now, the clarifier card. Here is where things got a little freaky:

3 of wands

Three of Wands. Take a look at the heading on the top of that card. Foundation. How strange that the word that had popped into my brain the night before was now staring me right in the face. I must tell you that while I find the tarot fascinating, I’m not much of a believer. It’s all just for fun for me. Still, what are the odds? So, the tarot reader went on to tell me that this card meant more of the same. I had built a foundation, not a flimsy house of cards, but something solid and substantial. The rest would come easily. The weight is a gift.

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