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From child’s pose

Into downward dog

Fold over

Mountain crumbling

Like an avalanche


Dive forward


Far out

Ignite the fire

With dragon’s breath

Petals of pain

Peel away from the lower back

Roll down

Rest on strong thighs

Supportive standing legs

Hug knees


Stretch deep





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I’m a ball
I’m a bed sheet
From dust

Keep the corners tucked
Rolling through time
Holding my breath
As to not get caught
On debris
And conflict

Can’t stretch
Can’t move
Can’t breathe right

Something’s awry
In this messy pile
Of should haves
And would nots

It’s just you, baby
Controlling your ride
Unfold slow
Or quickly
But do it now

Before you
Can’t breathe
Can’t stretch
Can’t move right
Or at all
Too late
for your roller coaster ride

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Genevieve’s Week Two: Alhambra


To the red one I know so well.
To the one whose petals have,
until now, only unfurled in my
dreams, in a space I could not
touch for fear of being taken;

You live in a city full with flowers
and fountains, a place where snakes
teach laughing women what it means
to dance. Yours is a hunger
that has forgotten shame. Yours
is a mirror that cannot reflect.

My body is a flame licked into bold fire.
My dress is stitched together from the
frayed petals of blushing dogwood roses.
When I spin, the world spins with me.
Alhambra, my red one, together we sing,
sing, sing, and watch my spine uncoil.

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Cycle 2, Week 2: Unfold


A few years ago when I first started painting again, I came across a journal page with this quote and it’s always stuck with me (though all this time I thought it was Rumi, not Rilke).  I think about it so much, unfolding.  I feel so closed up all the time, never loose enough, never the full version of myself. How do I become brave and true?

So, this week’s theme is Unfold.  At the end of the week I’ll be out of my natural habitat, and into a strange one.  I’m headed to Bonnaroo.  Though I’ve been there before, every music festival is a unique experience and a test of my limits.  Note to self:  have fun.  do not stay folded.

I hope we all do something brave this week.  We need to unfold.

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